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Welcome to Williamsburg Bowhunter, a website for the average guy with a passion for hunting whitetails and thunder chickens. I’ve been a whitetail hunter in eastern South Carolina for more than fifty years. I cut my teeth hunting deer with dogs, killing my first buck at the early age of eight, and I’ve been hooked ever since. My passion for hunting whitetails today is equally divided between hunting them with dogs and stillhunting them with my bow. I actually still own a few good Walker hounds and I must admit nothing compares to the adrenaline rush you feel when a pack of hounds is bearing down on you full cry and that big buck just appears right in front of you like a ghost in the night. Man, I do love it!

I’ve been a “tree-hugger” for more than forty years and can remember stillhunting for deer with my brother in the late 60’s when you could literally count the number of stillhunters in the entire county of Williamsburg on two hands. Honest to goodness! Today you can’t ride a mile on any road without seeing a treestand. I experimented with bowhunting back in the early 90’s so I could get in the woods a couple of weeks early, ahead of the opening of gun season. This may have been you as well. However, when I killed my first buck with a bow I knew there was no turning back. To make sure that I didn’t give in to the temptation to backslide I sold my rifle, and this was a huge step for me especially since my wife had just given me a new one the previous Christmas. Today she still holds that against me!

On this site I will be sharing with you my hunting journey- past, present and future. It may not necessarily be anything special to you but it certainly is to me. To the extent you can identify with me I hope you will enjoy the photo and video galleries contained herein.
I would love to hear about your journey as well. God bless.